Richard Girasole - Experienced CPA Assisting with Business Formation

In addition to nearly four decades of experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Richard Girasole prepared for his career by studying accounting at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. After earning a bachelor's degree, Richard Girasole went on to develop a full-service CPA firm located in Brooklyn, New Jersey. The firm had around 50 clients in 1982 but has since increased its total client base to close to 1,500.

Mr. Girasole oversees the daily operations at the accounting firm. He leads eight staff members and manages the firm’s service offerings. In addition to providing accounting solutions for personal clients, he offers a wide range of services for businesses and corporations. These include assistance with QuickBooks, financial audits, and new business formation. He works with clients to take the initial steps toward creating companies, such as developing strategic business plans and identifying capital requirements. Mr. Girasole’s services also include devising partnership agreements, implementing protocols to comply with employment laws, and establishing other fundamental accounting standards to help keep a business' financial operations running smoothly.


Richard Girasole